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"My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you"

- John 15:12

Love Is...

Love is incredibly powerful. It has the potential to conquer all things, and even cover a multitude of sins


The Art of Effective Communication 

In every facet of life, healthy relationships are built upon the foundation of good, wholesome communication skills.


10 Tips For Coping With Toxic In-Laws

Don't let your in-laws ruin your relationship! View my best tips for handling their toxic behavior. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Submit to Your Husband

Part 1

In a 3rd wave feminist’s world, the idea of being in submission to a man is taboo, to say the least.

Forest Wedding

8 Tips For a Long-Lasting Marriage

8 Tips For a Long-Lasting Marriage

Mario and I are 18.9 years into our relationship, and I'm sharing some of my best tips on how we got here. 

Hydrangea Flowers

7 Ways to Apologize to an Alpha Male

Don't let your ego ruin your relationship. Say sorry with these 7 tips that work for men who like to be in control.

Image by Han Chenxu
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