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What's Your Morning Beverage Choice?

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

What type of beverage do you like to drink in the morning?

Do you choose a coffee to get your day started, or are you the extra healthy type who chooses to start her day with a tall cold glass of water?

Are you a super sunny go-getter and start each day with a cup of fresh-squeezed orange juice?

Or are you like me, and choose to take your first sips of hydration full of herbs and antioxidants?

When I reflect on this question and answer it for myself, I have to admit that my morning beverage choice came with my age, and sometimes with the state of my spiritual well-being.

For the majority of my adult years, I often chose a hot coffee in the morning to get me going. The variations and styles of the coffee depended on the day, the year, or whether or not I were on a diet, or trying to score a gig with the local modeling agency. Over the years my favorite cup of coffee has typically been a perfect concoction of Colombian Beans paired with French vanilla cream, a generous amount of sugar, and a dash of cinnamon (for good measure) on top.

As I've grown further into my 30's I've come to realize that the best morning hydration (for me anyway) lies in tonics and teas brewed from fresh herbs, fruit, and honey.

I love starting my day with teas and tonics because I'm getting the best form of hydration (clean water) paired with beneficial herbs and remedies that I may not otherwise receive throughout the day. All my tonics are made up of spring water, they are infused with any herbs that I feel I may need for that day, and I can include caffeine (or other stimulants) into them if I choose too.

The best part is that this choice of morning beverage is free of harmful amounts of caffeine, unnatural white sugar, and other ingredients that are bad for my body.

Sipping tonics also has a spiritual element for me.

When I sip a tonic that I've brewed for myself in my own kitchen before the sun rises, I feel as though my spirit is set right for the day. I often pray to God when I brew my tonics. I talk to him about whatever is on my heart and I ask him for his guidance, and presence in my life. I ask for peace in all situations and for the faith that can move mountains. And when I sip on my tonic (or tea) I meditate. I sip quietly and realize that this very moment is all that I have. The past is gone. I trust that I've made good choices along the way (and have been forgiven for the bad ones). I have hope for a prosperous and faithful future but this moment, with this hot tea to nourish me, is all that I have.

I like starting my day that way.

I also enjoy relishing in the idea that what I'm putting into my body is directly from God as he intended. That makes me feel close to him, makes me feel like I can do all things through him.

This morning I slept in a little later than I would have liked to, but when I did rise I boiled a small pot of water and added a handful of fresh (not dried) mint leaves to the boiling water. I let it boil on high for about 8 minutes, and then I strained the liquid into a mug. I always use honey instead of sugar or other sweeteners and I am very generous with the amount of honey that I use. I don't worry that it's high in calories, because it's also high in antioxidants and other yummy vitamins that make me turn out to be so sweet (because you are what you eat).

I'd love to hear about what you drink in the morning. Do you have any tea or tonic recipes to share with me? Let me know on my Instagram @flower.child613


Chay Marie

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