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The truth about our 19-year relationship

We met when we were 15 years old.

We attended the same high school and out of 8 classes in a day we only had one together. It was Mr. Beach's 2nd period Earth/Space science class.

He was the silent guy who sat 2 rows back, and I was the one who was consistently late to class, or being kicked out of class for one thing or another.

I was shy so I didn't speak to him, but I knew for the start that he and I would be together, and we were.

Like other teenage relationships, we broke up and got back together more than a few times. Sometimes twice in the same day.

However, or whatever we called our status, we were always together.

For us together looked like spending hours on end on the phone, until one of us fell asleep. Or it meant skipping school and riding the city bus into downtown Orlando, wishing we were old enough to get tattooed.

We've spent every single day together since December 2, 2001, and I couldn't imagine living my life a day without him.

In the past 19 years, a lot of friends and family members have celebrated our successful partnership.

We've outlasted our friends' relationships and stuck together no matter what.

During the years we've.....

Ran off and married in secrete

Happily welcomed 5 kids.

Lived in 3 different cities.

Experienced a ton of firsts together

Chased our dreams, and then rejected them...


Broke each other's hearts.

My friends often wonder what secrets we hold to a lasting and loving relationship. They often ask me my advice on situations happening in their relationships.

For some reason, they think that my husband is the one who's somehow different.

Or that maybe I know the fantastic tricks of keeping a man.

Even still, some have even assumed that my Husband and I must control one another with intimacy in order to have a union that is overall happy and lasting thus far.

So one by one I have to let them know the truth about my marriage.


except for a few things.

We have disagreements.... but we always commit to resolving our issues and we compromise if need be.

We get annoyed with one other... but we permit the other to be his/herself.

and.... we've hurt one another.

With our words, and with our actions.... but...

We forgive one another.

Over the years my husband and I have learned the importance and benefits of forgiving one another.

We've learned to accept one another as is, not as a savior, or a lover, or a confidant to be overly dependent upon, but as individuals with unique backgrounds, who love each other immensely and above all else.

We are human.

We are both capable of making mistakes.

We're both capable of hurting the other.

We're both capable of forgiving.

My husband and I live with the knowledge that we're both doing the best we can as we walk our own path in search of the Kingdom of God.

We simply chose one another to walk alongside. Because sometimes the journey is much more fun with a friend.

We also have faith in one another, because I know that God lives in my husband, and he knows the same is true for me.

We know that our union is a mystery and we have faith in the love we have for one another.

We forgive... we are resilient... we trust one another... and although we disagree on many things, we remain respectful towards one another, and we are always open to forgiveness when necessary.

I'm looking forward to sharing more about my relationship here in this space that I've created for myself.

A woman's heart is full of secrets, and I'm ready to share some of mine.


Xhay Marie

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