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Pursue These Things

It took me well into my 30s to realize and practice the things that make me feel most fulfilled.

As long as there is breath in my lungs I will continue to learn and grow in my faith and spirituality, but as of today, these are the things that lead to a productive, prosperous life full of love, peace, and joy.


Let go of pessimism and hold tight to positivity.

Change the way you think and learn to see the cup as half full with the potential to overflow with abundance.

Healthy Relationships

Cultivate healthy relationships by improving your communication style.

Spiritual Growth

What can you do to foster spiritual growth within yourself? Focus on the things and situations that bring you closer to God.

Healthy Self Esteem

Work on ways to keep your self-esteem in check. Know that you are enough. You are capable, and you have the ability to do all things.

Forgiveness of Yourself and Others

Everybody makes mistakes. No one is perfect, but everyone is worthy of forgiveness... including you.

Forgive yourself for the things you've done wrong. Pardon those who have hurt you in the past.

Practice Self-care

Take care of yourself first and foremost. This is your one life, and your body is the only true place you have to live.

Eat well, stay hydrated, get adequate sleep, cultivate a fun fitness program, learn to manage stress and love freely without restraints.

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