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Let Your Food be Your Medicine

Food is medicine, my ancestors taught me all I need to know, and pineapple is everything!

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

I strongly believe that God, our Father has provided us with everything we need to fuel our bodies with healthy nutrition that serves as preventative and curative medicine.

There's growing evidence that supports the fact that herbal medicine is just as effective as more modern medicines, but with fewer side effects, and I'm 100% here for it!

Although food as medicine is best used as a preventative, multiple studies show that the foods we eat can also cure almost all ailments known to man.

Using food as medicine isn't something new. Food as medication has been used to treat the whole individual for centuries. It wasn't until about 70 years ago that pills and other pharmaceuticals became more mainstream.

But along with mainstream pharma comes undesirable side-effects ranging from depression to organ failure and even death.

When you take a pill you have to have a good in-depth conversation with your doctor about the risk, benefits, and side effects of the pill. Most of them come with risks, and most likely your physician will tell you something like "the risks outweigh the side effects."

Sadly, most physicians fail to inform us that what we eat has a huge impact on the condition of our body, and its ability to heal itself.

They also fail to mention that what we eat determines if we get sick, to begin with. Whether this lack of information is egregious (they are in a business after-all) or unintentional will of course depend on the doctor himself.

What this means to me is that we all have more control of our bodies than we may have ever realized. God provided with everything we need to naturally protect ourselves and ward off illness.

The very wise Greek philosopher Hippocrates informed us that informed us 1000s of years ago that "A wise man (or woman) ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession."

He also told us to "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food."

I personally live by this philosophy and avoid traditional forms of medicine as much as possible.

Although more modern forms of pharmaceutical and medicine are great in some instances, I strongly believe that herbal medicine and lifestyle are the strongest forms of both curative and preventative medicine.

My Truth Comes From The Native Women Before Me

Big pharma has taken over and pills are mainstream to treat all known American ailments. Most of us eat ourselves sick and then rely on dangerous medication to make us whole again, but I tend to stick to the lessons taught to me by the native women before me.

I remember my ancestors when I use lemon as an antiseptic to treat conditions of the throat and chest. When I treat minor infections with garlic, I remember that this remedy has never once failed me, or my great-great-aunt Desmoine who taught it to me, who learned it from her Creek Indian mother.

Herbal medicines and remedies have been used by various cultures all around the globe since the dawn of time, and the recent boom in modern pharmaceuticals isn't enough to make me forget the powers that can only be found in nature.

Even to this day, the strongest painkillers are made from extracts from the flowering poppy which has long been used for its sedative properties. Similarily I use fresh chamomile to relax and calm myself when anxiety gets the best of me, or when I need to unwind after a long day.

Although big pharma has taken over and pills are mainstream to treat most known American ailments I tend to stick to the lessons taught to me by the native women before me.

There's nothing that can't be cured by nature as God intended. Thanks to my Gramma I know the healing power of brewing grapefruit and honey, and thanks to my mom, I know that healing from conditions of the skin begins with fresh aloe grown right in my own backyard.

I'm thankful for my faith in the food God has left here for us.

I thankful that the medicines in herbs, fruits, and veggies are all that I will ever need.

I am thankful for my whole holistic lifestyle, and the wisdom and insight to know the truth about the things I eat.

Most importantly I am thankful to the women before who taught me to ignore the ways of the world and remain true to the Goddess within me.

I'm looking forward to sharing all my herbal remedies here with you and today, I want to share one of my most favorite foods.


So why do I love pineapple and what are the benefits of making it a regular part of your diet?

Well for starters it is absolutely delicious and naturally sweet. It's good as a juice, it's excellent for breakfast and can even be added with veggies and cilantro for fresh twist on salsa.

Aside from that, pineapple is an excellent source of Vitamin C.

It treats and relieves inflammation, which makes it a natural painkiller.

It improves digestion and alleviates stomach issues.

It improves both male and female fertility issues and helps couples naturally conceive.

It reduces the risk of stroke and other heart-related diseases, and it supports skin health and promotes healthy collagen formation (hello youthful-looking skin).

Choose your fruit like you chose the love of your life. With careful consideration and an eye of for the sweetest one.

To Select the sweetest, juiciest pineapple:

Look for fruit that is free of bruises and bumps

Choose Fruit that is fresh looking

Select a pineapple with lush-looking leaves

Select fruit that is green or yellow in color. Green pineapple is just as sweet.

  • Keep in mind that ripe pineapple can be either green or yellow on the outside. Green pineapple is not an indicator that isn't ripe.

I hope you incorporate more pina into your diet, and I hope you return to this blog to learn more about the healing powers of medicinal herbs, and other fruits and veggies!


Chay Marie

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