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I'm Over Covid19 and Getting Back to My Active Lifestyle

Hi Loves!

It's been a weird 6 months.

Before the pandemic began I was active, healthy, and had a consistent fitness program.

At the beginning of this madness, I was practicing yoga each day, jogging for 30 minutes 5 days a week, and being extra mindful of what I ate.

Back in March when staying at home became a very real way of life, I'd promised myself that I would come out of lockdown in the best shape of my life.

Admittingly, I encouraged my husband to turn our garage into a gym, equipped with hundreds of pounds of weights. I'd created the most ideal fitness program and I knew for sure that I would finally gain the body that I'd been trying for after giving birth to baby Noah.

It Didn't Last

In all honesty, my fitness program and ambition lasted all of 2 weeks. But was quickly replaced by brownies, cheesecake, ice-cream and lots and lots of decadent chocolate ganache from our local bakery.

The sweet, creaminess of the beautiful desserts was pleasing to all my senses and served as a wonderful escape from the hellish pandemic reality.

Admittingly, I'd fallen prey to severe anxiety. My days revolved around wondering how to deal with the sudden covid19 pandemic, and eating sweets had become an easy way to deal with the negative emotions.

I Stopped Caring and Got Sick

It didn't matter if I gained weight.

For the past 10 years (unless pregnant) I'd been careful to maintain the same number on the scale, but suddenly it no longer mattered. All I wanted was to soothe the anxiety and enjoy the experience of polishing off half a strawberry cheesecake on my own.

By May I'd gained 10lbs since the start of the pandemic, and my husband gained 15.

By June, I'd promised myself to get it together and get back in shape.

By my birthday in mid-June, I'd contracted Covid19 and begin showing symptoms around the 25th of the month.

I'd planned so many things. I had plans to tend to my blog, plans to get in shape, plans to re-decorate my home. But they came to an end when I fell ill.

It's been just shy of a month since I've experienced the worst illness of my life and I've lost the 10lbs that I'd gained during the pandemic, plus an additional 5.

During a month of being sick, I've lost 15lbs, I've lost muscle mass, and most days I still feel weak.

However, I know that my strength can be regained, and so can my weight and stamina.

I'm looking forward to starting a new fitness program that will complement the healthy lifestyle that I've grown accustomed to over the past 10 years.

I'm Committed To Getting Back in Good Shape

I've heard so many stories that suggest that those who survive Covid-19 have lasting myalgia and other issues. I determined not to be that statistic.

My plan will include daily fitness activities such as yoga, light-weight lifting, and cardio.

I will also be paying very close attention to what I eat and how much.

Surviving Covid-19 is a blessing that I don't take lightly. That experience showed me just how fragile my body and health can be. That made me want to take good care of myself more than ever.

I plan to spend the next 9 days perfecting my fitness routine, and seeing what works, and what doesn't, and then on August 1st, I plan to share it all here (and on social media) with you.

I hope you will join me.


Chay Marie

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