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How to have a meaningful Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

It's Valentine's Day in America and you either love it, or you hate it. Today is a day to feel especially loved and adored, or completely left out and lonely. In this beautiful country of capitalism, businesses have found a way to make money off every aspect of our lives, including love! But love is about so much more than red roses and pastel pink heart shaped candies. Love is an all-consuming, power that is comparable to nothing else on this Earth. It has the power to bring forth life, heal, end wars and solve any issue we could ever face during our lives. But regardless of this, there will be thousands of people left feeling sad and alone today. So, I am here to love by sharing my tips on how to have a meaningful and love-filled Valentine’s day.

Focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have Regardless of whether you’re single or divorced, married, partnered or missing what once was, try focusing on what you have instead of what’s missing. Valentine’s day can easily become a day when we start to miss out on the ideal love interest. We wish that perfect partner was here with us to make us feel fulfilled, or if we are partnered, we wish that person could be better in some way. This Valentine’s Day try making it a point to focus on the love that you do have. Many of us have children in our lives who love us unconditionally. We can focus on our parents who sacrificed so much for us throughout the years, or grandparents who served as stand in parents at times. There is even love between friends who support us when times get tough and celebrate with us through our victories. But still the sweetest and most innocent and forgiving love sometimes comes from our pets who get super excited when we come home from a long day. Love is not an ideal that you’re missing. It’s the consistent relationships with those around you who accept you for you and make you feel good every day of the year. Focus on what love is Love is more than a warm feeling you get when you lay eyes on the person you want to spend the most time with. Love is also more than brief expressions of forced pink and red, chocolate covered appreciation. Love is a deliberate act of tolerance. It’s being patient when someone gets on our last nerves. Loves is kind, even when we feel like being rude. It’s the ability to be humble and avoid bragging to boost our own self-esteems. Love does not make others feel bad, on the contrary love is kind. It isn’t self-fish or easily angered but is forgiving and hopeful. Love is being truthful with others. Love is the urge to protect and push forward regardless of circumstance. Loves is the one thing that never ever fails. Be an example of love Unfortunately, we are ling through a dark time. We are constantly bombarded by stories of mass shootings, crimes, injustice and heartbreak. Many of us have suffered from or know of someone who is battling with depression. Money can be hard to come by and it seems as though our government is completely out of touch with us. Thankfully each one of us have the power to counteract the effects of the negativity around us. By being loving to everyone around you, you spread positivity that becomes infectious and spreads further than you could imagine. A simple act of kindness, a smile, a few words of encouragement go a long way and truly has the power to change the world. This Valentine's Day make a conscious effort to be a shining star in a world of darkness. Commit to being loving all year long Valentine's Day is a great day for expressing love and appreciation. But imagine if these same acts of love were expressed every day! This year the greatest gift you could give could be as simple as a promise to be more loving all year round. This is a gift that is good for you as the giver and will have a tremendous impact of those around you. Let love conquer all It is true that love can conquer a multitude of things that are bad. Love is the answer to most of the problems that we face. Love could abolish racism and hate crimes. It would solve the issues of divorce and affairs and lead us to treat others better. Love is the most powerful of anything that exists on this Earth, and yet still many of us neglect it, or fail to practice it. On this Valentine’s day, I challenge you to look for the ways in which love can solve your problems, or the problems of others. I challenge you to practice love in ways that you haven’t before and see if it improves your life and the lives of those around you. Love is the greatest gift of all! There is no end to what can be achieved when we practice true acts of love. It is truly the substance of life. It is the one thing that we all seek to have from the moment we come forth into this world, until the moment we pass into whatever lies next. Love is the difference between life and death. Love is not chocolate covered, pink or red. It is not found within a handcrafted card or new piece of jewelry. Love is patient. Love is kind. It is not jealous, and it does not boast. Love is not proud, and it never dishonors others. It is never selfish, or easily angered. Love does not hold grudges or take pleasure in unkind acts. Love is trusting, hope and always, always, always wins. Love conquers all! - 1 Corinthians 13:4-8


Chay Marie

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