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5 Skills to Master by Age 33

Life is a journey, and we seldom know the way. We're just walking along and figuring it out as we go. Some of us follow proven paths set out by those before us. Some of us make our own way, and some of us have a roadmap (Shout out to the Bible).

All of us are on this journey, and we learn valuable lessons along the way. During my short time on this Earth, I've learned lessons on love, and friendship, parenting and family relationships, and so on. Some of the lessons learned were game-changers that I'd wish I'd known all along.

Today I am sharing 5 skills I mastered by the time I turned 33, but wish I'd known all my life.

1.How to Say NO

Saying no is a skill that comes easily for some, but for most, it's a skill that has to be developed. Learn to say no to things and situations that are unhealthy to you. If something is outside of your boundaries don't be afraid to reject them. If you're unable to commit to something, be honest about it. Say no to toxic people and stop feeling guilty about setting healthy boundaries and limits. Say no to lifestyle choices that are counter-productive to your long term goals. Always say no to choices that bring harm to your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

2. How to Use Your Talents

Happiness for me is when I'm making use of my talents in a way that will honor the Lord, and help others on their journey.

According to the late great philosopher Socrates, happiness can only be attained when a person makes use of his or her individual talents. He believed that when a person lives up to his or her life calling (thus using ones gifts) then happiness can be obtained.

When I am using my talent if writing I am truly happy. Nothing feels better than expressing myself on pen and paper. I know this is my life calling, and I feel pure joy when I do it.

What are you talented in? What is the one, two, or three things that you are especially good at? Those are your talents and according to age-old philosophy that is what you were always meant to do, and what would make you truly happy.

I personally make sure to use my talents to the best of my ability. For me, it's spiritual.

In the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25: 14 - 30), Jesus tells his followers that those who use their talents will be given great responsibilities, and share in his joy. He also says that to everyone who uses their talent will gain more talents and secure their wealth.

On the other hand it clearly states that those who do not use their talents will have everything taken away from him, and he will ultimately be thrown into the darkness.

We were called to use our talents, and share them with the world, all in an effort to glorify God the Father. When I use my talents, I feel fulfilled and at peace.

What are your talents? What can you do better than most others? What things can you do that makes you happy above all others, and how can you use them to serve mankind?

3. How to Treat Your Body Like a Temple

Take good care of yourself and treat your body especially well. Begin on the inside and be kind to yourself in the thoughts that you think (especially the thoughts you think about yourself). Love yourself from the outside in by nourishing yourself with colorful fruits and veggies, dark green foliage, and Earthy brown grains. Fill yourself with plenty of clean water and supplement with a variety of lovely herbal teas. Just as all temples are built to be respected, as is your body. Respect your body, mind, and spiritual life at all times, and surround yourself with other people who respect you too.

4. How to Solve your Problems with Love

Love is Patient

Love is Kind

It is not jealous

It isn't quick to become angry

and it doesn't hold onto old injuries and wrongdoing

Love does not boast

It is not Selfish

Love always Trust

Love always Hopes

Love always Perseveres

and it never fails.

My favorite bible verse of all time is 1 Corinthians 13 (verses 4 - 12) where it lists all the elements of true love. After listing the things that love is (as well as the things that it isn't) this verse goes on to say that love covers over a multitude of sins, and that love conquers all. Personally, when I encounter the day to day problems of the world, I often use the elements of love to solve them.

When I'm frustrated with my children, patience resolves that. When I'm upset with a friend or loved one, kindness cures that. When things seem at their worst, hope alleviates that. I dare you to try it. If you have a problem, try applying one or more of the elements of love to solve them.

5. How to Use Herbs

Herbs are ancient forms of medicine that have been used all over the globe since the dawn of man. Only in recent years have we began to rely heavily on pharmaceuticals. Although modern medicine is great, everyone can definitely benefit from understanding the use and importance of herbal remedies.

Natural herbs can be used for both curative and preventive medications as well as for beauty and wellness. Herbs can be consumed by cooking them into foods, topically, or brewed into a tea. They can be combined with other herbs and water to make tonics or steeped in natural oils to make tinctures.

Herbs are God's gift to us, and every one of us could benefit from learning about them (click here to read more about some of my favorite common herbs).

And there you have it, my 5 best lessons that I learned before I turned 33. I live my best life when I say no to what's unhealthy, and when I solve my problems with love. I am happiest when I'm using my talents to help others. Herbs are God's gifts to help me maintain my body, which is the ultimate temple. These are my best lessons, and I'm looking forward to learning more (God willing), and of course, as I learn lessons along the way, I will share them all here with you. Thank you for reading and God bless your Journey.


C. Marie

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