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10 Herbal Remedies for Covid-19

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Covid-19 was the most frightening experience of my life, but I overcame it naturally.

I Knew I Wasn't Well

The day I realized I may be sick with the Covid-19 Virus was one of the most frightening days of my life.

The fear of this mystery illness was just as bad if not worse than it's physical symptoms, and after 2 days of feeling like hell, I decided to call on the wisdom that was passed down to me and rely on the herbal remedies that had gotten me and my family through multiple ailments over tens of generations.

My case of Covid-19 was mild in symptoms. I never required a ventilator (although I could see how someone could quickly need one).

I never required hospitalization and I never developed pneumonia or any other life-threatening condition.

I did however experience intense bouts of nausea and upset stomach.

I suffered from headaches, chills, malaise, and the worst kind of myalgia (muscle aches) that anyone could imagine.

On top of all that, I'd lost all my appetite and I was so short of breath that walking from my bed to the bathroom made me feel as though I'd pass out.

The dizziness, panic attacks, and light-headedness were just icing on the cake of corona-virus hell.

But I Knew A Way Out

The Covid-19 symptoms came in intense waves that made me question whether or not I'd become one of the tally marked fatalities that have been plastered to every news station since February.

During one of the worst waves of symptoms, I found myself praying to God that he takes it all away.

I wanted relief from my symptoms. I wanted to be able to sit up and care for my family, and I wanted to regain appetite and satisfy the painful nagging feeling of hunger combined with nausea.

I sat there and I prayed for what felt like an entire day... and then I fell asleep.

When I woke up my conscience had a message for me. It told me that "I already had everything I'd need to overcome this virus and protect my family from it too.

My Gramma always told me that my conscience is the voice of God. She has this strong belief that that deep inner voice that steers you right from wrong is the Holy Spirit itself giving us guidance and walking alongside us on our journey as he has promised.

If that were the case, and I could trust my intuition that I already had all I need then what exactly was it that I needed to do?

I can't remember when or how it came to me, but at some point, I'd began to rely on herbal remedies to alleviate the symptoms of Covid-19.

I knew that I needed to eat and get nourishment, and vitamins into my body to help it fight and recover from the invader virus.

So I took mint, spearmint, and ginger to treat my stomach symptoms and help me regain appetite.

I use cinnamon to rid myself of the headaches.

Fresh grapefruit and lemon were used to boost my immune system and clean out my body.

And I used warm salt water to keep my throat clean, help it heal, and prevent the virus from spreading further into my respiratory system.

I also used a copious amount of honey for it's healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

But nothing worked better than listening carefully to my body and giving it rest when required, and being active when I felt up to it.

Covid-19 symptoms typically last from 14-21 days, and mine lasted for a total of 12 days.

I never took any conventional over the counter medications, only tonics, brew, and teas made out of fresh herbs and fruit.

Below I am sharing some of the herbs and foods that were most beneficial in aiding towards a speedy recovery from Covid-19 symptoms.

  • As a disclaimer, if you think you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or feel unwell it is best to contact a health care practitioner. These remedies are what helped me recover and may not be suitable for all individuals.


Chay Marie

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